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Tuition/Financial Assistance/Fundraising

Tuition for St. Sylvester School for the 2018-2019 school year is as follows:

1 Child                     $5,250.00                                      Kindergarten-Full Day                      $5,250.00

2 Children                $6,950.00                                      ½ Day Kindergarten                         $2,600.00

3 Children                $8,125.00                                      PreK-3 yr. old AM                Tu/Th    $1,500.00

                                                                                       PreK-4 yr. old AM                 M-F     $2,500.00

                                                                                       PreK-4 yr. old - Full Day       M-F     $4,950.00

                                                                                       PreK-4 yr. old - 3 Full Days  W-F     $3,300.00

Nonaffiliated tuition rates are to be discussed with the Business Manager.

In order to qualify for the Catholic tuition rate the Diocese of Pittsburgh requires the following:

  1. “that the child is baptized Catholic”

  2. “that the family is registered in a Catholic Parish”

  3. “that the family practices their faith through regular Mass attendance”

  4. “that the family makes regular use of the Parish envelope system”

These are Diocesan criteria, the Pastor is obligated to certify that each condition is met and is not able to disregard them.  Concerning “D” above, please note that the amount contributed is not the determining factor but the consistency of support implied by the word ‘regular’. 

FACTS is the tuition management company who handles our tuition payment system.  Financial aid is available through several programs.  The EITC Tuition Assistance opportunities available to eligible families can be accessed through FACTS.  Go to to get additional information and the application. Tuition assistance is also available by participating in the Scrip program.  Participation in this program is optional but those who have actively taken advantage of this program have reduced their tuition significantly.

The Parish Angel Fund is available to families who have applied for the EITC Program but received a letter saying they were ineligible for the program at this time.

The school is required to raise 10% of the school budget through fundraising and another 5% is to come from bequests and donations.  In order to meet this mandate families are required to support the various school fundraisers throughout the year.   Volunteers are needed and always welcome to help with the work involved in each fundraiser. Tuition and fees should make up 60% of the school budget. Our parish contributes more than the 25% mandated in the Elementary School Financial Guidelines to support us as we work to grow our school.

Parents are also required to volunteer two days per month for 1 ½ hours doing Lunch / Recess duty.  Identifying a substitute or paying a Lunch / Recess Administration Fee are options available when parents cannot volunteer.

Please call Mrs. Stephanie Michael. 412-882-9900, Ext 223 / for additional information concerning our school.