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The St. Sylvester Sports Program

At St. Sylvester School, we offer many opportunities to participate in a number of sports programs for both boys and girls. Our Lancers can begin engaging in activities in the primary grades with the programs extending into middle school. The programs begin with the development of skills and build upon those skills to encourage respectful, positive athletes who continue to expand the gifts and skills given to them by God.

We offer the following programs: 

  • Basketball - boys and girls
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer - Spring and Fall
  • Track
  • Volleyball - boys and girls

Our programs boast several consecutive sectional and Diocesan champions in boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, track, and soccer.

Our sports club fundraising comes mainly through our wonderful basketball tournaments that we host during the season. These tournaments allow our athletes to showcase their talents along with other schools in the Pittsburgh area. Our Lancer Classic in November brings in tough competition for our JV and varsity boys and girls teams. Our third and fourth graders host two tournaments, The "Jammin' in January" for boys and "Hearts and Hoops" for girls, that help to foster their competitive spirit.

Our eighth graders receive special recognition in Mass, there is a catered dinner for the athletes and their families along with a fun night of basketball in our gym. Finally, the end of the school year allows us to show our appreciation for the dedication of all our student athletes with our Lancers Sports Banquet.

We pray before we play


Like all team sports, cheerleading offers more than physical benefits.  Sports can help teach kids essential life skills, including teamwork, discipline, and communication.  Squad members must rely on each other for the effectiveness of routines and cheers.

Cheerleading provides opportunities for motivated kids to learn leadership skills.  Even those who don’t aspire to becoming head cheerleader can benefit by taking the opportunity to demonstrate leadership by:

  • Offering constructive advice to help teammates improve skills
  • Setting a positive mood with their attitude
  • Exemplifying hard work and discipline in practice
  • Being receptive to trying new moves that the coach suggests

Sports like cheerleading can help kids develop their self-confidence as well as their athleticism.  Having a team to support and rely on can make kids feel more connected at school.  Learning to master difficult moves, help teammates, and perform well at games and competitions can benefit the athletes who cheer, as well as the athletes they support on the field or court.